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As an accountant or financial advisor, you may be wondering why you should choose Audit your Superfund for SMSF Audits.  Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Clear communication – avoid confusing questions from your SMSF auditors. We ask the right questions clearly and effectively, always providing explanations to help prevent similar issues in the future.
  2. Cloud-based technology and portal – enjoy a hassle-free process from start to finish, thanks to easy onboarding and access to real-time auditing information, providing you with a seamless experience.
  3. Efficient auditors – save time and avoid unnecessary delays, as our experienced auditors focus on what truly matters, ensuring a smooth and straightforward auditing process.
  4. Personal touch – benefit from the expert guidance of our dedicated relationship managers, who are always on hand to manage even the most complex audits.
  5. Systematic processes – accelerate your workflow with our streamlined systems that provide a quick turnaround and efficient service.

SMSF Audits

Full and comprehensive SMSF audits: We offer a thorough auditing service that includes professional reporting as well as expert assistance in instances when there are compliance breaches. We’ll be proactive by raising any potential issues with you throughout the process, and we’ll have conversations along the way, instead of simply contacting you once the job is completed.

High-Tech Software

Direct access to high-tech software: Our auditors use a sophisticated cloud-based system to manage documents, communication and workflow, which optimises the way we work. You can be confident that you’re not just collaborating with the most qualified auditing team, but that they’re using the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology to assist them.

Customised Audits

Customised audit process: We adapt our processes to suit each individual client’s requirements, which means you won’t need to change your existing procedures to work with us. This flexibility means that we complement your model, not the other way around. Many of our clients regularly provide us with feedback that this unique customisation saves a lot of hassle and time enabling them to spend more efforts on their client’s.


One-on-one advice: Working with us isn’t just about audits – it’s about building and maintaining lasting relationships. That’s why we provide every client with a dedicated relationship manager to oversee all work. You’ll have access to your relationship manager through personal email, phone, and our client portal. Your manager will work individually with you to provide an SMSF audit service that’s different from others on the market; it’s one that treats you as a person. Unlike firms that only provide online SMSF audits conducted by faceless auditors, we regularly communicate with you on the status of your funds.

Tax Compliance Guidance

Guidance on tax compliance: We offer ongoing advice as to how you can improve your processes, communicating openly with you to suggest ways you can maximise efficiency. As we’re also up-to-date with all the latest changes to superannuation legislation, we’ll get in touch and let you know of these so that you’re fully in the loop. We might be the experts, but we’re all about sharing the knowledge- if there’s something important you need to know, we will tell you about it.

We take the time to understand your business. With less hassle and a faster SMSF audit process, you can spend more time with your clients.

What makes our SMSF auditing different?

Audit your Superfund’s experience, technical ability, personalised service, fair price, dedication to our clients and comprehensiveness are just some of the features that differentiate our SMSF auditing services from other firms.

We maintain a unique point of difference by offering a high level of individualised, personal service, along with a secure, online client portal and real-time auditing information.

How do we deliver our SMSF audits?

Some audit firms promise incredibly short turnaround times for their audits, but we don’t compromise on quality. Instead, we take the necessary time to do a thorough job. On average, we take 6-7 days, ensuring a timely but thorough outcome for our clients.

Occasionally, a breach will need to be reported. In such instances you can trust us to do the right thing. We’ll work with you and your clients to minimise any problems or potential penalties through our own technical advice. To do this, we use tools such as the ATO and SMSF Association’s Trustee Education courses recommending trustees undertake an approved course of education prior to issuing our report. Trustees demonstrating that they have educated themselves to avoid future breaches is always helpful when dealing with the ATO.

How much do our SMSF auditing services cost?

We’re rarely beaten on price, and never on quality. Our fees depend on the amount and complexity of the SMSFs you have, so it’s best to give us a call to discuss potential costs. We offer a flexible system whereby you can choose from either a flat rate or a tiered fee.

A small number of auditing firms may offer cheaper rates, but you take a risk for yourself and your clients if you’re not convinced that they provide a thorough audit. The risk with paying less is that the service you receive will be rushed and therefore of lower quality. Audit your Superfund offers you and your clients a fair price for the best possible service.

Are you ready to experience the Audit your Superfund difference? Talk to us about outsourcing your SMSF auditing to the professionals.

“The Audit your Superfund team encourage us to ask questions and seek guidance on various issues and matters that we are confronted with in regards to our SMSF clients, which is very reassuring and helpful for our firm.”

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