Making SMSF audits convenient, streamlined and simple

Your SMSF audits are in safe hands


Audit your Superfund is one of the largest Adelaide-owned SMSF audit firms, performing over 2,000 SMSF audits annually for more than 30 SA accounting firms.

The automated processes we have developed are overseen by experienced auditors, to simplify and streamline your audit experience. Our available and approachable team of seven professionals brings a personal and pragmatic approach to every audit. We use technology to leverage real-time data feeds and dashboards, making the audit process easy for you.

Why accountants choose Audit your Superfund

Clear communication – avoid confusing questions from your SMSF auditors. We ask the right questions clearly and effectively, always providing explanations to help prevent similar issues in the future.


Cloud-based technology and portal – enjoy a hassle-free process from start to finish, thanks to easy onboarding and access to real-time auditing information, providing you with a seamless experience.


Efficient auditors – save time and avoid unnecessary delays, as our experienced auditors focus on what truly matters, ensuring a smooth and straightforward auditing process.


Personal touch – benefit from the expert guidance of our dedicated relationship managers, who are always on hand to manage even the most complex audits.


Systematic processes – accelerate your workflow with our streamlined systems that provide a quick turnaround and efficient service.


Streamline your SMSF audits

Backed by accounting expertise

Audit your Superfund is owned by the accounting firm Accru Harris Orchard. With a team of 60 professionals and over 60 years of experience in Adelaide, they have a deep understanding of financial statement preparation and ATO compliance. This foundation allows Audit your Superfund to better understand and address the unique needs of the accounting firms we work with in relation to your clients’ SMSF audits.

We only do SMSF audits

A specialist service means quicker and better results. Audit your Superfund takes pride in being:

We have been doing SMSF audits for a long time, and know what we are doing.

We give you a reliable audit that’s delivered quickly and offers great value.

Technologically Savvy
Our systems are designed to complement high levels of personalised service.

We raise any potential issues with you as the audit progresses, but only when absolutely necessary

What you get

Advanced, secure technology, including a purpose-built, cloud based workflow and document management system. 

A secure client portal, giving you real-time status of your funds’ audits. 

Your own relationship manager, who will work closely with you, helping to avoid misunderstandings, inefficiences and excessive time spent on queries.

Straightforward advice, with thorough explanations to help you gain a complete understanding of recommendations made in all audits.

Systems and processes, that are designed to work smoothly with your own.

Easy to deal with

Our audits are tailored to suit your own systems and processes. A consistent approach ensures an efficient and high-quality SMSF audit every time.

  • Seamless communication between your accounting firm and our auditors
  • Complete transparency throughout the auditing process
  • Shared checklists to help manage expectations right from the start
  • A personalised, approachable service that’s available all year, not just at tax time.

“The team at Audit Your Superfund have provided our SMSF clients with an efficient, quality service for many years.”

Keith Robinson- Robinsons Chartered Accountants

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