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Ben Willington


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Michael Schluter

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Sam Facy


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Michelle Spender

SMSF Audit Team

Audit your Superfund is a team of self-managed super fund professionals specialising in auditing and compliance of  self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

We work with SMSF professionals to get the right outcomes for their clients, and our audits are tailored specifically for every client’s unique systems and processes. Our key focus is to work with you to ensure a comprehensive, efficient, stress-free audit, which protects your business.

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Who are Audit your Superfund?

Audit your Superfund is run by a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience in superannuation, auditing and compliance. Director Ben Willington has over 20 years of auditing experience in a variety of environments, including ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms, medium-sized firms and independent workplaces. He has assembled a highly competent team of registered SMSF auditors who work with him to provide our clients with the highest quality service.

Senior Relationship Manager Michael Schluter has more than 25 years’ experience in superannuation and wealth management, and specialises in SMSF compliance. Director Sam Facy is our technical guru, who knows all the ins and outs of tax and superannuation.

We also have a great team of auditors with extensive superannuation experience who are passionate about all things super. To keep ahead of the ever-changing SMSF environment, we all constantly update our knowledge.

Combining our diverse skills and experience, the Audit your Superfund team works together to make your SMSF auditing easy.

We take the time to understand your business.
With less hassle and a faster SMSF audit process, you can spend more time with your clients.

Why are we the best choice for your SMSF auditing?

Audit your Superfund operates nationwide. Despite our growth, we haven’t lost our human touch. While some auditors may hide behind their screens, that’s not the case with Audit your Superfund; we remain hands-on with all of our clients.

When you turn your SMSF auditing process over to us, you’ll experience a unique level of tailored service. Many other practices only offer an online SMSF audit, but we pride ourselves on maintaining a personal touch in our interactions with clients. We’ll call and meet with you in person, maintaining a level of professionalism and transparency that many auditors don’t.

How do we ensure you receive the best possible SMSF auditing service?

Furthermore, rather than spreading ourselves thin across many areas, we specialise in SMSF audits only. This means that we have the in-depth expertise that many other SMSF auditors lack. Our team is aware of all the latest SMSF compliance developments and changes to any SMSF audit requirements, so you know you’re placing your clients’ funds in reliable hands.


“When you turn your SMSF auditing process over to us, you’ll experience a unique level of tailored service”.

“Ben and his team apply a level of technical knowledge and rigour whilst still maintaining a practical and pragmatic approach to our clients funds, which gives us complete confidence our clients have complied with the regulatory requirements.”

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